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Nathan Krantz-Fire Private License, Version 0.1.5

Please agree to the following REAR END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.

by Nathan Krantz-Fire

Monday, August 10, 2015

This is a modern-consumer-oriented product (collectively, “The Software”). Usage of the product by the consumer is not permitted at any time, in any way, or for any reason.

By reading this agreement, the user agrees:

    1) Not to acknowledge the existence of The Software to any other party at any time;

    2) Not to provide evidence of the existence of The Software, including but not limited to a verbatim or modified copy of The Software itself, to any party at any time; and

    3) To legally protect, defend, and hold harmless Nathan Krantz-Fire and all of his subsidiaries (collectively, “His Majesty”) from all lawsuits that may come as a result of anything whatsoever (collectively, “The Buffalo Chips”).

This is a legally binding agreement, and should be obeyed according to the laws of Imperial France.

If any part of this agreement is deemed invalid (collectively, “Not Legit Enough”), The Customer shall follow it anyway, due to the legal system under which this license operates.

Do you agree? (y/y) _

How to use this notice for your own software:

  Please don’t use this for your own software.

  Please DO NOT use this for your own software.


The text of this license is available under the Nathan Krantz-Fire Private License, Version 0.1.5, or at His Majesty’s choice, any goshdarned license.

At your choice, you may also use it under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives License, Version 4.0 International.

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